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Hamburger Patty Presses

The hamburger patty press is a great kitchen tool used for pressing burgers and other ground meat. It can be a great tool in the kitchen of any family who loves burgers, whether they be hamburgers, veggie burgers, or any type of ground meat!

hamburger pressThese tools allow you to create different sized burger patties with adjustable thickness. Uniform thickness of burgers means equal time needed for cooking and ultimately a tasty and great looking burger.

The hamburger press has been around for awhile, but many older versions and models have either been too large, expensive or cumbersome.

Apart from that, most of them are too difficult to be cleaned, and removing the patty from it is difficult and awkward; they either needed to be removed with the help of a knife or a spatula.

This is too time-consuming and can also prove to be dangerous sometimes. In addition to that, most of these burger presses were designed for professional purpose only and were used mostly in restaurants.

Now, there are presses specially designed for domestic use and are not meant to produce patties in larger volumes. These devices are meant to provide an affordable way to form patties of meat in uniform shape and size. The patties that are produced can be utilized for immediate grilling, or can be stored in different types of units for refrigeration for later use.

hamburger patty pressThere are some hamburger patty press models that form uniform size of patties big enough to satisfy hunger of all the family members. These presses are able to provide packaged meat patties that can easily be removed from the machine, thus making the procedure less time consuming and less cumbersome.

One of the best things about a hamburger press is that it is very light in weight (the non-commercial-sized presses, that is), so it is very easy to handle and carry it. In most of the designs, the meat is kept on the surface and the hole or cup into which the meat is pressed forms the burger when pushed down.

There are some options available which can make burger patties of different sizes and thicknesses. So, you can make a burger as per your appetite and taste.

While making your order of your burger press through internet, make sure that the manufacturer of the press has a good reputation. We have specifically featured models from Weston, Cuisineart, and Progressive International.

Also ensure that the handle of the press is convenient enough for you to make a good grip, and the quality is good so that it does not come out after a few uses. You can also take help of online reviews so that you can make the most informed decision.

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